Battlefield 2142 - Uniting battlefield players and clans

Instructions to Play Online:

  • STEP 1: Install the original Battlefield 2142 game w/ Patch 1.51 (required) -  To get started install your Battlefield game. If your game version is not at 1.51 then you will need to patch it. To determine what version you have open this file with notepad: C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Battlefield 2142\mods\bf2142\Mod.desc.  In the download link below I have all the links to patch your game. To prevent any issues update your game incrementally till you get to 1.51. For example if your game is 1.4 then patch it in this order: 1.50,  then 1.51.

  • STEP 2: Install the GameSpy Redirect (required)  - Due to the GameSpy Shutdown, by default, you will not be able to log in to play the game.  The GameSpy Redirects will allow you to bypass the login screen. As of now there are three Redirects and unfortunately you will have to create separate accounts for each as they login you into different servers.  Your three options are Dethklok, NovGames, and STG. You can find those Redirects on the download page below. To install them just simply replace your existing bf2142.exe file with one of these files.  Simply look in your Battlefield root directory such as C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Battlefield 2142. Always save the original in case you need to change it back for some reason.

  • STEP 3: Find servers and joining (required)- Finding servers that are still running the game are hard to come by, but we have found a few that are still out there. You will have to manually join the server so note down the IP and Port of your favorite server then manually join by going to the Multiplay Tab>History section of BF2142 server list.

  • STEP 4: Install Maps (optional) - In addition of the standard maps, there have been some other maps that have been created to work with Battlefield.  Some server run these maps but If you decide not to install the maps you might get booted on rounds that have these maps.  You will have to wait till the next round or wait till a map that you have is played on the server. Either way you can find the Dethklok Map Packs on the Download Links.  Luckily they have installers so they automatically get installed in the correct spot when you run the setup file.


Battlefield 2142 App:

This FREE app is here as a tool to help you get in the game.  I have tried to throw as much as I can onto this tiny app and hope you enjoy it.  Here is a little list of things it can do for you.
  • Auto Login - by selecting a server from the drop down list and setting up your EA credentials on this app it will attempt to connect you to the server you selected.
  • Window/Full Screen Mode - allows you to run the game in a window instead of fullscreen in case you would like to multi-task, yet allows you to run the game in its original format.
  • GameTracker - Shows you online players and the current map that the server is currently running. All rights reserved to them.
  • Widescreen Fix - modifies the game so you can play the game on widescreen monitors.
  • GameSpy Redirect - checks to see if you have the Dethklok Redirect.  There are two other redirects but the suggested one is Dethklok as it has a full installer.
  • Battlefield 2142 Version - tells you the version of the game you have.
  • Downloads - shows you the latest downloads at one single place.
  • Soldier Info - gets basic data about your player.

Instructions to Play Offline or SinglePlayer mode

  • Option 1: Disable your NIC  - Maybe you don't have an internet connection or you might just want to play with bots. Simply disable your Network card in Windows control panel and the game will see you don't have an internet connection it will allow you to bypass the login screen.
  • Option 2: Use GameRanger - An alternative if you do have an internet connection you can host your own server so people can play on your game or simply play by yourself. Go to to and host your own game. Either way it will be similar to playing in offline mode.


Q: I see and click on the server, but i can't join or get kicked.
A: Ensure you have Patch 1.51, and the GameSpy redirect installed on your computer. Also try joining using the Multiplay Tab> History Tab.

Q: Error: "You have failed to connect. Please check your network connection(s) and try again.
A: Connect directly to the server by specifying the IP and port: Click the Multiplay Tab > History Tab > Connect to IP Button. Type the IP address and port of the server you want to join, press OK

Q: Why was I kicked after the end of the round?
A: Could be that you don't have the maps installed on STEP 3 above.  Its a huge download but if you would like to play those maps its required.

Q: You once recommended GameRanger, why the change to the GameSpy Redirect option?
A:  GameRanger is still a good alternative, the difference is that there are no ranks, stats nor unlocks available therefore have stop suggesting it.  We suggest move to this new method and you will experience Battlefield in its original format.